The weight of alcoholism burdens many people in South Asia, like Misal and his family. People often brew their own liquor using ingredients like these small, yellow fruits.

When missionaries like Arvind take the time to share Christ’s love, God often opens doors to speak with just the right people who need to hear the Good News.

Twelve years of alcohol addiction were enough for Misal. Although he and his family devoutly worshiped their gods and goddesses, he had no power to overcome his alcoholism, which led to other bad behaviors. It escalated to the point that he was spending most of his earnings on immoral pleasures.

Because of this, his wife and children often went to bed with empty stomachs. Misal’s home life was in shambles. His parents pleaded with him to stop drinking.

But God saw the family’s pain and divinely orchestrated an important event in Misal’s life. One day, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Arvind Tambe was visiting houses and happened to meet Misal. Arvind shared the Good News with him, emphasizing God’s love for him and the meaninglessness of life without Christ.

Arvind’s words grabbed Misal’s attention. He listened eagerly, and God opened his eyes. Without questions, Misal repented and chose to follow Jesus that day.

Misal’s new relationship with Christ changed him. Desiring to honor God, he no longer wasted his time and money—or brought pain to his family—by appeasing his addictions. Seeing the transformation in his life infused his family with joy, and they chose to follow Jesus. Misal and his family now worship the Lord with Pastor Arvind’s congregation regularly.

Misal’s story represents many others about how God’s power dramatically alters the lives of people struggling with addictions. Alcoholism and other damaging habits have a strong chokehold on South Asian society, but many find freedom through Christ when they encounter the Gospel. Many GFA-supported missionaries have had the privilege of pointing people toward Jesus and seeing them make a decision to follow Him. Those once lost experience victory over the sins that wrecked their lives.