November 2012

Greg and Kerrie paged through Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog, discussing which item they could give to a poor family in Asia. Perhaps a goat or a sheep, they thought.

November 2012

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Their children—Dylan, 9, and Isabella, 7—joined the conversation, but they had an idea of their own.

"Why are you getting only one thing?" one of them asked. "Couldn't we get everything?"

The 2010 Christmas Gift Catalog had arrived at their home in Australia as an insert in their local Christian bookstore's catalog, but even as an abbreviated version, "everything" added up to more than AU$2,000 (about US$2,000 at the time).

"I have to admit," Kerrie says, "my first response to them was, `It's too much, too expensive—we can't.' "

Isabella enjoys playing netball on the weekends. She's quieter than Dylan. She likes playing with dolls and is very creative and imaginative. She has a compassionate heart and loves caring for babies and small children.

Creativity, Determination, Persistence

But Dylan and Isabella persisted. They wanted to collect enough funds to give each item in the catalog. So Greg and Kerrie chose to support them and offer as much encouragement and help as possible.

"One of the ways they decided they could raise the money," remembers Kerrie, "was that they would give up most of their Christmas presents from family. Instead of presents, the family gave them money toward their goal."

The children found other creative ways to fund their project as well. Dylan sold his old bicycle, and both he and Isabella did extra chores at home to earn money. When they held a "coffee and muffin morning" at church, the congregation caught their vision and gave AU$500 to help. The children also sold cold drinks at their school Christmas concert, and Greg and Kerrie were moved to contribute, too.

About four months later, all of the needed funds were raised.
"They were so very grateful and proud to have the opportunity to help lots of people," Kerrie recalls.

Dylan loves soccer, tennis, basketball, handball and skateboarding. He also likes math! He really tries hard to understand others' feelings.

A Growing Impact

Since then, the family has also decided to sponsor a GFA Bridge of Hope child.

"For our family to make this work," describes Kerrie, "we invented `Rice Night,' where we trade the money we would have spent on a dinner, and this pays for our sponsored child. Instead, we have a bowl of rice, and we talk about how blessed we are and what life is like for other families around the world. We sometimes will read a story out of Even Donkeys Speak, and we have a special prayer time."


What started as a few simple questions from their children has become an adventure for Greg and Kerrie's family. Not only have their gifts blessed families in Asia, but this experience has made positive changes in their lives as well.

"We have been challenged to be more generous with our resources," Kerrie reflects, "not just with GFA, but with the many charities that we support.

"It has changed my view on things. My two children looked at something I thought was too big, too hard—and they did it. And if they can do something that big, then why can't we?"

This year, you, too, can be a part of something much bigger and let God demonstrate His faithfulness through your family. View our online Christmas Gift Catalog to see all the ways you can bless those burdened by poverty—and demonstrate Christ's deep love for them.

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