Lipika learned about Jesus in a Bridge of Hope center. When her mother became sick, she remembered that she could pray to Jesus for healing.

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Lipika Ahmed knew how to pray to Jesus. She had learned all about prayer when she was a student at a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center. She knew that she could pray to Jesus for each and every thing in her life, no matter how big or how small it was, and that Jesus would hear her prayers. In her little heart, Lipika knew that Jesus was the only true God.

That’s why it troubled Lipika when her family asked her to pray to the traditional gods they had always worshipped. Lipika knew that these idols were man-made figures, while Jesus was real. So she refused to bow before them and pray. This made her parents very angry.

Her parents had become increasingly upset at the changes they saw in their little girl. Lipika’s refusal to participate in family worship was the last straw. That’s when they decided to take her out of the Bridge of Hope program.

But Lipika did not give up on Jesus. When Lipika’s mother developed severe, unexplained pain in her legs, Lipika immediately began to pray. Even as the pain grew worse and she watched her parents try everything from medical treatment to consulting witchdoctors and making offerings to various gods to bring relief, Lipika continued to pray to Jesus.

Lipika’s mother noticed that her daughter was praying for her, and her heart began to soften toward her daughter’s newfound faith. A seed of faith began to bloom in this mother’s heart and she decided to try praying to Jesus, too.

This mother was healed after her daughter, Lipika, prayed for her.

The Bridge of Hope staff continued reaching out to the family even after Lipika left the center. They heard about the mother’s medical problem, so they joined Lipika in praying earnestly for healing. The pastor of the local church even visited the mother and prayed.

Jesus heard the prayers of a little girl, a confused mother, the Bridge of Hope staff and the local pastor—and soon Lipika’s mother was healed!

After witnessing this miracle, Lipika’s mother realized that her daughter was right about Jesus. She chose to receive Jesus and is now boldly telling other about His power to change lives. Lipika is happy to see that Jesus healed her mother.

Lipika’s mother deeply regrets that she kept her daughter away from the Bridge of Hope center and is going through the process of re-enrolling her.

The Bridge of Hope staff in this area asks for prayer for Lipika and her family, that they will stand firm and grow stronger in their faith.