Pastors Khadim and Silas prayed for the Lord to resolve the conflict.

The death of a local Christian man created opposition in his home village when family members declared they would bury him according to Christian customs.

The villagers follow traditional religious beliefs that cremate their dead rather than bury them. When Gospel for Asia-supported pastors Khadim Pillai and Silas Das reached the area, the villagers opposed them with shouts. The village chief insisted the funeral be done according to their religious customs. They said the people would be scared to have a dead body dwelling near them.

For two days, the pastors and the village chiefs talked the situation over. Tension over the different opinions began to escalate, and Khadim and Silas prayed for Jesus to solve the problem.

The Lord did a miracle and softened the hearts of the local people, who later allowed the family to bury their loved one.

The deceased man and his family were the only Christians in the village and had come to Christ no more than eight months before his death.

Prayer is needed for the family: that the Lord will console each member during this time of grieving, and that He will use them to reach their neighbors who are in need of Jesus’ saving love. Pray also for the villagers: that God will work in their hearts to know Jesus as their Savior.