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Seven hundred people in Haryana, India, gathered for an early Christmas celebration. They got to witness 296 needy people receive gifts given through Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog.
This man, one of three people who received bicycle rickshaws, now has his own means of generating income.
The pair of goats this woman received can produce milk—and offspring—for her to sell!
In Tripura, India, these bicycles waited for their new owners. A crowd of approximately 200 people watched as the bikes were distributed to individuals who need them.
This man was one of those blessed to receive a bike. Now he has reliable, low-cost transportation.
All in all, 62 people received gifts at this event—from practical tools like sewing machines ...
... to livestock like pigs and cows.
In Uttar Pradesh, India, more than 400 people gathered on India's Independence Day for a Christmas gift distribution event. This man received a rickshaw designed for transporting materials.
This Christian lady received a water buffalo, which can produce milk, haul wagons and plow fields, to help her rise from poverty.
This believer, who also received a water buffalo, smiled with joy at his gift. Through these gift-giving celebrations, many impoverished people, both believers and unbelievers, got to tangibly experience God's love!
date posted 05/19/2011