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All these people gathered together to celebrate Christmas a little bit early in 2010. Many of them received gifts that had been donated through Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog—gifts to help them earn their livelihoods.
GFA-supported pastors and leaders in the area had the opportunity to welcome some local officials as special guests.
Children from a Bridge of Hope center performed a cultural dance for the guests.
The guest of honor, a minister in the local government, applauded the churches' efforts to help people break out of poverty. She said the government can't do this work alone.
The leaders distributed various gifts to people in some of the most difficult life circumstances—widows, orphans, those with physical disabilities such as blindness, and poor people without property or steady jobs. This woman received a sewing machine.
This man was given a bicycle that will provide him with transportation to work.
A blind woman received a pay telephone, by which she can earn money when people make calls from it.
By the end of the program, 70 gifts were distributed. With these items, men and women in need have an opportunity to earn income and care for their families.
date posted 01/25/2010

Give a gift that shares Christ love and hope to poor families in Asia.