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While believers around the world were preparing for Easter, Christmas finally came to this South Asian village. Early this spring, 150 people gathered for the distribution of gifts from Gospel for Asia's Christmas Gift Catalog.
A GFA-supported missionary opened the event in prayer. As part of the program, these Bridge Of Hope children performed a traditional dance.
Local dignitaries often attend these distribution events. The head of the village praised Gospel for Asia for helping the entire community. He also commended the Bridge of Hope centers for paving the way for a better future for the village's children.
Then the gift giving began! This woman received a sewing machine, which will help her make and sell clothes to earn a living.
In total, 16 people received sewing machines. Soon they will be operating small businesses, offering their tailoring services to the community and providing for their families.
Nine bicycles were given out at this event. Now these people have a reliable, inexpensive form of transportation.
Twenty-eight people joyously held up blankets that will keep them warm during the cold winter nights.
Just a few days before Easter, 150 people celebrated Christmas, receiving practical gifts as indicators of Christ's love for them. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries ask for prayer that through these gifts, people will come to know the love of God.
date posted 10/121/2011