Many lives in South Asian villages are being touched through the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog as people receive gifts of blankets, sewing machines and livestock in Jesus’ name.

“For the first time in my life I came to know that someone loves me.”

For the first time in my life I came to know that someone loves me.” Sheela Devi spoke these words upon receiving a hand-operated sewing machine through the Gospel for Asia 2007 Christmas Gift Catalog.

As an elderly woman suffering from a handicap that renders her unable to walk, Sheela is incredibly grateful for this special gift that will help her provide for her daily needs. This gift given in Jesus’ name inspired Sheela to come to a local fellowship led by a GFA-supported missionary to freely express her gratitude to God and testify to His goodness in her life.

The people in Sheela’s village are mostly poor field laborers, largely dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. During a special ceremony GFA held recently to distribute Christmas gifts in their village, 37 people received blankets to help them face the cold, and seven people received sewing machines. Seven goats were distributed to families.

Those receiving gifts were excited and filled with joy.

Ranjay Kumar, a tuberculosis patient, was deeply moved by seeing the love of Christ displayed in this way. He chose to receive Jesus as his Savior, and now his entire family is coming to the church regularly.