Sanjith laid his hand on Dhairyash and prayed for the Lord to take away his headaches—and He did!

The throbbing in Dhairyash Rangan's head wouldn't cease. For four years, he spent his days suffering with a constant headache that never let up; instead, it grew more intense.

He went to one of the popular hospitals in his region, yet all the best treatment and technology available could not stop the agonizing headache.

He turned to his religion to attain some consolation and healing by offering sacrifices and seeking witchdoctors, but his hopes were dashed to pieces when that, too, did not work. The pain persisted.

To add to Dhairyash's grief, he discovered that a man in his village who suffered with a similar problem died. Dhairyash sunk into a depression; he had no money to spend on his treatments and no strength left to fight this battle.

Dhairyash continued living his days without any hope, until he met Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Sanjith Batnagar. As part of his ministry, Sanjith would go door-to-door to see how his neighbors were and witness to God's great love. When he came to Dhairyash's house, he shared with him about Jesus and His love for needy and helpless people.

As Dhairyash listened, the seed of the Gospel grew in his heart, and he began believing in Christ. Sanjith invited him to attend his church, but Dhairyash hesitated to go, fearing his neighbors' taunts and criticism.

On the third invitation, Dhairyash decided to cast aside others' opinions and go to church. During the service, Sanjith laid his hand upon Dhairyash and asked God to heal him. In God's mercy and grace, Dhairyash experienced God's healing touch and the pain vanished. This miracle filled his heart with joy and he thanked God for taking away his chronic headaches. Since then, Dhairyash has become a member of the church and lives his life with faith in Jesus Christ.