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These women have something extra special to thank the Lord for. They are worshiping for the first time in their brand-new church building.
For many years, this congregation met in the homes of believers. As people chose to follow Christ, those home-based worship services grew more and more crowded. They had to bounce from house to house to accommodate the swelling crowd.
So the people cried out to God, asking him to provide them with a church building. Their first answer to those ceaseless prayers came when a believer in the congregation donated land on which to construct the group's first church building.
Because of the generosity of Christians around the world, the congregation received funding to buy the materials needed to build their church. Weeks of intense labor followed and the result was this simple yet effective structure. It's a perfect place for prayer, praise, worship and learning. It also protects them from the weather and puts up a literal wall between them and those who seek to persecute them.
June 25 was an exciting day as dignitaries, including the local village head, joined Gospel for Asia leaders to officially dedicate the church building. Pastor Vijay Chacko prayed for the Lord to be glorified in the new building and asked that Jesus would protect the structure and embolden the believers to go out and share Christ's love.
The church dedication was a time of great celebration and the people were thrilled to pose for a photo in front of the church God provided for them.
Today the church is filled with people who are finished church hopping and are excited to worship their Savior and learn more about Him by studying His Word in their own permanent structure.
date posted 09/13/2011

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