Sushanta’s entire church congregation willingly spent time fasting and praying for her husband to return to the Lord.

Raahi Chattopadhyay stopped going to church when the lure of drugs and other negative influences from his old life drew him away. His wife, Sushanta, knew something had to be done to bring her husband back to the Lord, but she wasn’t sure what.

Sushanta watched as her husband’s backslidden condition worsened. Friends had tried to speak to him and encourage him to turn from his old ways, but he ignored their words. So Sushanta began to pray.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Saatvik Jayaraman wondered what happened to make Raahi suddenly quit attending. When Sushanta approached him to ask that he and the entire church pray for her husband, Pastor Saatvik declared they would fast as well.

Saatvik, Sushanta and the church members lifted their fallen brother into the arms of Christ with fervent prayers. They shed tears before the Lord, asking Him to work in Raahi’s life, and as they fasted and prayed, Raahi’s heart began to change.

A few Sundays later, Pastor Saatvik and the church family welcomed Raahi back as he rededicated his life to Jesus! Joy filled Sushanta, knowing God had faithfully honored and answered their fasting, prayers and many tears shed over her prodigal husband.

Raahi’s return to the Lord also helped strengthen the believers’ understanding and trust in the power of prayer.