The church became a place of shelter after the fire.

On Wednesday, April 23, a fire broke out, caused by an exploding gas cylinder, in a village in Nagaland, India. The fire killed several people, and close to 500 homes were reduced to ashes. Most homes in this region are made of bamboo with thatched or tin roofs.

The people in this village are predominantly low-paid daily laborers, and many are now unsure of their futures.

Despite being adjacent to buildings that were destroyed in the fire, a church pastored by a Gospel for Asia missionary, as well as a Bridge of Hope center, were spared from the flames. The church members immediately began reaching out to those who lost everything in the fire.

Many of the homeless families have sought refuge in the church building, bringing with them what little belongings they had left. Believers in the church are serving food among these families.

GFA field leaders request prayer for the Lord’s provision for these villagers who have lost so much. They also ask for prayer that God will use this situation to touch the hearts of men, women and children in this village with His redemptive love.

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These children study at the Bridge of Hope center in the village.

The fire damaged many homes.

People cried as they surveyed the damage, wondering about their futures.

The church became a place of shelter after the fire.

Family members searched the ashes for what little belongings they had left.

People from the church serve food to families in the community.

Nagaland is a strip of mountainous terrain located on the easternmost edge of India.