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October 15 is Global Handwashing Day. The day, first recognized in 2008, is a campaign to motivate people—especially children—around the world to wash their hands with soap. This day is especially important in South Asia, where many are unaware of the connection between personal hygiene and health.
Each year, Bridge of Hope centers conduct rallies to teach people basic hygiene and its benefits.
The centers invite all the children from the community to the event.
Children learn to wash their hands properly with soap and water.
Personal hygiene is the greatest defense these little ones have against the many sicknesses that plague their country.
Parents join their children in discovering the benefits of simple handwashing. They learn that, through this good habit, they can protect themselves and their families from disease.
Bridge of Hope staff members also give the children vitamins and tablets to treat and prevent intestinal worms, a common problem in regions with dirty drinking water.
At some Bridge of Hope centers, the handwashing message is coupled with the students' annual medical checkup. Doctors are on hand to meet with each child and provide treatment for the problems they find.
Parents leave the events assuring Bridge of Hope staff members they will routinely wash their hands from that point on and will teach other family members, too!
Gospel for Asia provides these services to meet the physical needs of the people and, in this way, demonstrate the love and care of Christ.
date posted 10/27/2011