One team of missionaries gathered around a Jesus Well to demonstrate the right way to wash hands.

Each man, woman and child received a bar of soap to help them stay clean.

After learning how to wash their hands and the importance of hygiene, many children promised they would do their best to stay clean.

Many people in India have died or are suffering from contagious diseases and sicknesses because they never learned to wash their hands.

October 15 is Global Hand washing Day, and Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries used this opportunity to raise awareness about the relationship between clean hands and good health. The missionaries targeted slum areas, which are extremely unsanitary.

At last year’s Global Hand washing Day event, children gathered around the missionary teams, who taught and encouraged them how to properly wash their hands with soap and how to live with cleanliness in mind. Most of the children promised the missionaries they would make it their habit to wash their hands before meals and at other necessary times.

A Women’s Fellowship ministry visited another slum and demonstrated to the men, women and children how to correctly wash their hands. Most of the women arrived with dirty hands, but after the demonstration, they realized the importance of hygiene and determined to keep their hands clean—especially while cooking for their families. Each person received a bar of soap to help them stay germ-free.

Now, thanks to the efforts of GFA-supported missionaries, many more people know how to take better care of themselves and reduce the spread of infectious diseases.