Two students cleaning a corner in the hospital.

The enthusiastic team of students, excited for their opportunity to serve their community with Jesus’ love.

A team of 45 young women, students at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college, chose to do something a little different with their day off. In honor of Ghandi’s birth, which is a national holiday, they served their community by cleaning at two local hospitals.

After receiving permission from the hospital staff, the ladies started their long day of cleaning with enthusiasm. At the same time, GFA staff shared Jesus’ love with the people they came across.

It was a large state hospital, but by the time the girls were finished cleaning, the head nurse was amazed.

If all our cleaning department worked up to a month, it would have been hard to get this much done,” she said. “But you girls have done an astonishing work!”

From this hospital, the team moved on to another private hospital to clean there as well. This hospital had partnered with GFA previously to provide medical clinics for Bridge of Hope centers.

The students were grateful to be able to show Jesus’ love to their community in this way.