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Much of South Asia finds itself underwater from June to September each year, as monsoon rains inundate the entire landscape. The infrastructure here is inadequate, so each season brings devastation to the land and tragedy to the people.
Many homes here are made of mud, the only building material available. The torrents of rain destroy the structures, leaving people to rebuild what little they had in the first place.
As soon as the most recent flooding subsided, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams headed out to help.
These people lined up in one of the many places Compassion Services teams visited to receive dry food rations. The relief packets were much needed.
With the whole village submerged, food was lost in the dirty water. The flooding also makes travel difficult, hindering people's ability to get food from other areas.
Each family received a packet of 22 pounds of rice and 4 pounds of dal, which is a type of bean. These two items are the staples of most South Asian diets.
The packets also contain items tailored to the specific needs of the recipient. Families with young children received powdered milk in addition to apacket. Those with school-age children received a small package of cookies, as well.
This food, provided for by believers around the world, comes to these people with the message that the one true God loves them and will care for them.
The work is challenging, so it is the Lord's strength that carries the staff through each day.
Compassion Services teams are the Lord's instruments in satisfying the physical needs of the people of South Asia. Their service is the Lord's love at work.
This team is off to provide relief to another flood-stricken area, but their message of God's love and provision will remain.
date posted 10/17/2011