Like Pastor Baldev’s fellowship, these believers have crammed into their pastor’s home for worship service.

Threats of Eviction
Pastor Baldev’s small fellowship meets for worship service in the house Baldev rents. His landlord is not a believer, however, and he has begun opposing Pastor Baldev’s ministry. He told Baldev that the fellowship may no longer meet there and that Baldev himself must move out.

Pastor Surjeet’s fellowship is experiencing similar troubles. His fellowship of 30 believers meets for service in a rented building each Sunday. The landlord has told the fellowship that they can no longer meet there, and Surjeet cannot find another place to rent.

These fellowships ask for prayer that the Lord will change the hearts of the landlords in their areas so they can continue worshiping together. Also ask the Lord to provide church buildings for these congregations.

Hostility at Every Corner
Anti-Christians in Pastor Durjaya’s region are also hindering his ministry. In addition to their opposition toward his pastoral ministry, these hostile fanatics try to stop Pastor Durjaya from sharing the love of Christ with the villagers. Although many pastors with church buildings do face persecution, the respect that a permanent structure brings in South Asian culture makes anti-Christian opposition think twice about persecuting a pastor with a church building. Pastors without church buildings, like Pastor Durjaya, might not face as much persecution if they had a church building.

Not too far away, Pastor Parmanand also faces opposition from the fanatic fundamentalist group that dominates his area. Whenever Pastor Parmanand goes out to distribute Gospel literature, group members stop him and search through his bags. When they find the Gospel tracts and literature, they take them and rip them apart. They prevent Parmanand from meeting people and threaten those who have already heard the Good News in an attempt to keep them from turning to Christ.

Because of the trouble that meets Pastor Parmanand wherever he goes, villagers refuse to let him come to their village.

These pastors ask for prayer that those who oppose them would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. They also ask for prayer for ways to continue their ministry effectively, despite the opposition.