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Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Tahir Rao is witnessing a tremendous move of God in this remote village.
Tahir recently organized a convention for the believers in this area. Throughout the convention there was time for worshiping, learning and fellowship.
More than 2,200 people attended the convention. Some of them walked up to 12 miles to get to the event.
Many children attended the conference. Tahir has a strong ministry for children, including a school with 60 students.
Most of the believers at this convention live in poor areas without electricity, running water or access to the outside world, yet they are growing in their commitment to Christ.
These local children will be among the first in their village to learn to read and write, thanks to Tahir's ministry.
Many parents brought their small children to receive prayer during the altar call for the sick. These parents don't have access to medical help.
The pastors prayed for men, women and children. Many were healed and gave their lives to the Lord.
Many women in this area struggle with infertility, but after praying with other believers, they were blessed with children.
These two older women attended the convention. They have lived their entire lives worshiping the gods and goddesses of their ancestors. Now they are hearing about Jesus for the very first time.
The believers brought their friends to the convention, and many chose to follow Christ.
With tears of gratitude and heartfelt worship, this woman –among others –was deeply touched by God's presence at the convention.
As God's love has been manifested in this region there are now a total of 2,000 believers worshiping Jesus here. Pray for more workers to join in this harvest.
date posted 06/02/2011