The thin man entered the village with tenacity and fervor—with a deep desire to reach the lost. Several villagers looked upon his crisp white attire and soft brown eyes with caution and suspicion, yet he looked on them with love.

He kept walking onward through the small village with poise and strength—a strength that exemplified his love for the Lord and the villagers.

Pastor Niranjan has a heart for the Dalits in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Dalits are the lowest on the rung of the caste system, and are treated worse than dogs. Growing up in a family that was shunned and discriminated against simply for being Dalit, Pastor Niranjan is able to relate to the people of these villages.

While entering one such village, he saw a man who was mentally deranged and had been bound in chains for two years. Unlike those who would just ignore or beat the man, Pastor Niranjan reached out and prayed for him.

Immediately, the man was healed. This led a handful of others in the village to repent and turn to the Lord. Afterward, several more people came to the Lord as they witnessed the dramatic change in the lives of those villagers.

Pastor Niranjan now shepherds a congregation of nearly 250 believers in that one village—all because of the great power the Lord showed through one man’s faith and love for the Dalits.

Please pray for Pastor Niranjan and his congregation—pray that they will be strong in their faith to love and serve the Lord. Please pray that the Lord would use this faithful group of believers to reach all of Uttar Pradesh for Christ.