A group of people gathered as a GFA-supported missionary told them about the love of Christ.

The villagers each received Gospel literature and read it.

A GFA-supported missionary takes the time to speak one-on-one with this lady concerning the Gospel message.

Twenty-four Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries gathered for a day of sharing God’s love in an area of Nepal surrounded by villages filled with temples. Many people who live there are strong followers of their religion’s rituals, and they make pilgrimages to this area to worship their gods and goddesses.

Among the GFA-supported missionaries dedicated to bringing the Gospel message to these villagers was Manja Tamang, who recently spent nine years in a Nepali prison for a crime he did not commit.

Manja led one of the three groups as they knocked on doors and gave out Gospel literature.

About 11 villages were reached that day; 978 Gospel tracts, 18 New Testaments and 217 Gospel booklets were passed out; and 202 people got to personally hear about salvation through Jesus Christ.

Being in a place where devotion to various gods is highly prevalent, Manja and the other missionaries encountered different ideas and opinions about Christianity. But with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom, they were able to clear up any misunderstandings and share the real message of Christ to the villagers.

Most of the people were responsive to the message and assured the missionaries they would attend their church to learn more about Jesus.

When the 24 missionaries ended their day of outreach, they came together and said a prayer of thanksgiving to God and set a date for their next combined outreach effort to reach the many lost and perishing without Christ in Nepal.