Through Christ and the prayers of GFA-supported missionaries, people have been delivered from spiritual darkness and are now worshipping the Light of the World.

Hasita was being plagued by demonic attacks from the evil spirit that possessed her. She longed to find an escape, to find some peace.

The young mother of three children had been zealously devoted to her religion, rising early to go to the temple and offering prayers and flowers. But for all her devotion, she was not able to prevent demonic oppression from taking over and tormenting her life. She visited many temples, witch doctors and hospitals seeking relief … but none could be found.

Then one day, Hasita attended a small gathering at a neighbor’s house with a few other ladies. The meeting was led by GFA-supported missionary Jaival Malik. As he was sharing from God’s word, Hasita suddenly became afraid and could not sit. Seeing her behavior, Jaival discerned that she was possessed by evil spirits. Asking the other believers to join him, he prayed for Hasita’s deliverance. That day, Hasita was miraculously delivered from the attacks of Satan. She responded by gladly receiving Christ and began regularly attending the worship service in a local church.

Years before the Lord brought Hasita into Jaival’s path so he could pray for her deliverance, Jaival himself had something he needed to be delivered from…a close call with death.

She visited many temples, witch doctors and hospitals seeking relief…but none could be found.

Jaival’s Brush with Death
In the sixth grade, Jaival contracted typhoid fever. His parents turned to the aid of witch doctors and took him to temples. Still, Jaival was not healed.

His parents then took him to a hospital for treatment, but the doctors could offer them no assurance that he would live. Then a pastor came and prayed for the young boy. About a week later, Jaival’s parents took him to another hospital for a check-up.

But again, doctors offered no hope for Jaival. They told his parents to just take him back home. His parents pleaded with the doctors to do something to save their son’s life, but there was nothing the doctors could do.

Then one day, while Jaival’s parents and relatives were sitting at his bedside, they suddenly saw a brightness in the room and heard a voice saying, “Do not be afraid; I am with you.”

The family was astonished to hear this voice, and their curiosity drove them to the church near their house to explain the incident to the pastor. After listening to their story, the pastor prayed for Jaival.

A few days later, Jaival’s health began to improve, and gradually, he was healed completely. Through this healing, Jaival placed his trust in Christ.

In 1995, Jaival started attending Bible college. During chapel service one day, he heard the Lord saying, “Come and follow Me. I will give you peace.” After this experience, he decided to attend seminary as well, graduating in 1999.

Ever since then, Jaival has been serving the Lord on the mission field. Today he oversees a number of pastors. He also serves as a leader in a GFA-supported Bible college.

Had it not been for the Lord’s intervention, he may not be alive today to be used to impact lives like Hasita’s.

Please pray for Jaival’s ministry to continue to bear fruit, and that he, his wife and two children will walk closely with the Savior. Pray, too, for much growth for Hasita, and that her life will be the aroma of Christ to those she encounters.