Kari (top, left) experienced demon possession for three long years. Her family endured the agonizing dilemma.

Kari stared at the words written on the floor of her home. It wasn’t the first time the demon had said to her, “Kari, no one can rescue you from my clutches.” For three years, Kari had been held tightly in the grip of this evil spirit.

He would terrorize her and her family. He would eat all the food that Kari cooked, leaving the family with empty stomachs. If Kari boiled milk, the demon would spoil the drink by mixing in paint. When she would sit next to a certain wall, the demon would come out and start talking to her.

They called in a sorcerer to cast a spell and bind the spirit, but when the sorcerer sat near that same wall, the witch doctor immediately felt an electric shock. At the same time the knife he was carrying flew out of his hands. The sorcerer ran out of the house—terrified.

Kari’s neighbors would sometimes gather at the doorstep of her house to witness all the strange things that went on inside.

Then one of the Christians in her village told the family about Mihir, a GFA-supported national missionary who pastored a nearby church. The family listened, but was reluctant to go to him for help.

Finally, when Kari’s family exhausted all other sources of help, they approached Mihir for prayer. After listening to their story, he prayed for Kari and cast out the demon in Jesus’ name. The demon cried aloud several times before finally releasing Kari.

Awed by the miracle, Kari and her family acknowledged who the true God was and gave their life to Him. They now regularly attend Mihir’s worship services. And everything remains calm, with no sign of the demon that was so much a part of their lives.