Anoop and Suriya arrived in their new village with heavy hearts. They had been abandoned by their relatives—and it seemed God had abandoned them, too.

Years ago, their daughter had married a seemingly good man. But she soon found out that he drank often, and he started beating her. Anoop and Suriya were heartbroken.

There was a small church near Anoop and Suriya’s home, and from watching the believers’ lives, the couple was attracted to the church. So when their daughter’s problems began, they prayed continuously for God to intervene. But they didn’t see anything changing. As time went by, they lost all hope.

Then things got worse. They fell into debt, owing their neighbors more money than they could repay. Their health deteriorated as they became depressed. The doctors couldn’t find anything really wrong with them. They didn’t know that one of their enemies had performed witchcraft rituals against them.

During all these problems, their family turned away from them too. Finally, Anoop and Suriya decided to leave their village and try to start over somewhere else.

In the depths of their despair, the couple met Gospel for Asia missionary Andrew. He listened as they poured out their troubles, and then he assured them of God’s ability to care for them and solve each problem. Anoop and Suriya began attending the church that Andrew pastored.

Their trust in Christ grew, and soon the Lord healed Anoop and Suriya, delivering them from the powers of witchcraft. They began paying back their debt in installments, choosing to follow the Lord and join the church.

They are still believing that God will change their son-in-law’s heart, and after all that He has done in their lives, they hold on to that hope fervently.