Pastor Vibhas, along with his wife and daughter.

As part of his ministry, Pastor Vibhas has the opportunity to pray for many sick or demon-possessed people.

Sukhra Chauhan was unknowingly possessed by a demon for almost six years. After an arduous search for deliverance, she unexpectedly came to the right place—her relative’s house.

Sukhra’s torment robbed her entire family of peace. Desperate for a solution to her problems, they spent a lot of money going to magicians who could supposedly heal sicknesses.

None of them could help Sukhra. But when she went to another state for a religious festival, she ended up visiting a relative, a Christian woman who belongs to the congregation of GFA-supported pastor Vibhas Jaiteley. Sukhra’s relative realized she was demon possessed and asked her to stay in her home for a few days.

Meanwhile, Vibhas’ church members were meeting for a three-day session of fasting and prayer. Sukhra’s relative took her to the prayer meeting, where the whole congregation prayed for the demon-possessed woman.

On the third day of the gathering, God freed Sukhra from the demon’s grip, and Sukhra decided to follow Jesus!

Sukhra returned home and started attending worship services at a church in her own community. She would appreciate prayer that she continues to grow closer to the Lord and that her family also opens their hearts to His love.

Pastor Vibhas requests prayer that he will witness God’s healing of several friends who are suffering from chronic illnesses. Also, pray God will protect and guide Vibhas and provide a church building for his congregation.