Just like Laila, many people are delivered from demon possession after GFA-supported pastors pray for them in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Parakram Nayar came closer to Laila, the young girl before him. She and her parents came to his church for deliverance, but the girl seemed frightened.

What’s your name?” the Gospel for Asia-supported pastor asked the girl.

Manga,” she replied in a voice everyone knew was not hers.

An evil spirit had taken Laila captive.

Parakram and the believers of his church gathered together to pray for her. The pastor fervently rebuked the evil spirit, commanding it to leave the young girl in Jesus’ mighty name.

Immediately, the demon left Laila, and she collapsed to the ground.

She woke up later weakened from the attack but completely delivered from Satan’s clutches.

Before coming to Parakram’s church, Laila’s family had visited many temples to find a cure for their troubled daughter. They offered poojas, a form of worship that requires prayers, offerings and sacrifices, to their gods and goddesses and even went to witch doctors for help, but their hope was quickly dwindling as nothing seemed to work.

Laila continued to act unnaturally, biting people who were near her and bursting out in fits of vicious rage. Fearful of the young girl’s outrageous behavior, people would beat her to try to calm her down.

It was only when Pastor Parakram prayed for Laila in Jesus’ name that she was freed from the demonic oppression that disturbed her family and their entire community. Laila has since then given her life to serve Jesus Christ. Her testimony of deliverance is a blessing to many.