Prayer is a huge part of any GFA-supported missionary’s ministry. As God’s power is demonstrated, many choose to follow Christ and become part of the Church.

Umed had been striving to please his gods for many years. Now, when he needed them, they didn’t answer.

Having grown up diligently participating in religious activities, Umed was devoted to his family’s traditional beliefs. At some point in this spiritual darkness, Umed fell under the control of evil spirits. He began suffering frequent seizures. His family spent huge amounts of money on witch doctors and other religious figureheads, but no one could break the bondage. Umed’s health deteriorated: He lost the ability to speak, he went blind in one eye, and his whole body suffered because he could not eat properly.

Through their futile struggle to find help, the family ran out of money, out of ideas and out of hope for the future.

In desperation, Umed’s father remembered a relative Lakshan who had often read Scripture to them and prayed for them. They rejected what Lakshan had to say before, but now they wanted to see if his God could help.

Brother Lakshan was in his third year at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college when Umed’s dad asked him to come pray for his ailing son. Lakshan did pray, and God answered him, immediately freeing Umed from the evil spirits and healing him from his health problems!

Umed’s miraculous recovery turned the villagers’ attention to Christ. Soon, Lakshan established a Christian fellowship in that area. Umed and his family joined them in their meetings and eventually decided to receive Jesus into their lives.

Both Umed’s family and Brother Lakshan ask for prayer that God would continue to use them for His Kingdom.