People often ask for prayer after watching a film on the life of Jesus.

Banko is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary serving the Lord in South Asia. But he doesn’t have just one place of ministry. He is a film team missionary, taking the movie about the life of Christ to villages where few people, if any, know Jesus.

One village that Banko visited had no Christian witnesses. With the help of a GFA-supported pastor who worked nearby, Banko planned a film show for this village. The two missionaries walked throughout the village, handing out tracts and inviting the villagers to the film show that night. The Lord blessed their efforts, and more than 200 people came to watch this powerful film.

Among the audience was young Ahkila, who had suffered from a long illness. She had tried many medicines with no results. But as Ahkila and her parents saw Jesus perform miracles during the movie, faith sprouted in their hearts. When the film ended, they asked Banko to pray for Ahkila.

The missionary was glad to pray for the girl’s illness. But as he prayed, it became apparent that her ailment was spiritual. She showed signs of demon possession. Thankfully, Banko knew of the one and only cure, and as he prayed, the Lord delivered Ahkila.

The girl and her whole family were awestruck as they saw God’s power. Each family member chose to believe in Christ after witnessing the miracle, and now they make up the first small group of believers in their village.