Just like Chandresh and the believers in his church prayed for Sanjeev, this pastor is praying for a boy.

No one could help their son. Sanjeev Trivedi had been under the control of an evil spirit for two years. His parents, Bindusar and Vasanti, had taken him to witch doctors and sorcerers; they had sacrificed chickens and goats to their gods; they had spent large sums of money looking for a cure for him. But, no one could help.

Then, in a conversation Bindusar had with a man named Chandresh Maddala, he learned about someone named Jesus who has the power to do miracles.

Chandresh Maddala is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. When he told Bindusar about Jesus, the desperate father declared that if his son were to be healed from the evil spirit, his whole family would give their lives to Christ. Bindusar then agreed to bring his son to church for prayer the next Sunday.

Pastor Chandresh went home and started fasting and praying for Sanjeev’s deliverance. Sunday arrived, and Bindusar and Sanjeev came to church. The believers all prayed together, asking God to break Sanjeev’s spiritual bondage—and God set him free from the evil spirit! Soon after, Sanjeev and his parents placed their trust in the One who has the power to deliver, both physically and spiritually.

Bindusar, Vasanti and Sanjeev ask for prayer that they would stand firm in their faith and that they would continue to grow in the love of Christ.

Pastor Chandresh also asks for prayer that many people would be added to his church in days to come.