Doctors had given up on Joydeb, but then he met the Great Physician.

Joydeb Murmu was shocked and devastated by the doctor’s news. The physician told Joydeb’s family to take him home; there was nothing more they could do for him at the hospital.

Joydeb landed in the hospital after his body began to swell to an abnormal size and he began having trouble breathing. Joydeb’s condition greatly alarmed his wife, Lalita. She began praying to her gods, asking for his healing. She also performed multiple rituals in the temples, hoping the gods would have mercy on Joydeb.

But her prayers and rituals had no effect on her husband’s condition. It grew worse and worse. She took him to several doctors, who gave him a variety of costly medical treatments, including a lengthy stay in the hospital. As a result, Lalita spent all the family’s money on her husband’s care. To hear the doctor pronounce this final word on Joydeb brought great grief to the family.

Joydeb and Lalita live in a village that is a few miles away from the home of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Dileshwar Ekka. When this missionary heard about the family’s plight, he was compelled to go see them.

What he witnessed broke his heart. Joydeb’s body had swollen to a grotesque size. He was lying on a bed, helpless. His family members, including his young son, surrounded him. Dileshwar could see the hopelessness and frustration on their faces. His heart was moved even further by Lalita’s sobs.

Many of the family members recognized Dileshwar from his role as pastor of a local church, and they were surprised that he came to their home since they were not believers.

But they poured out their hearts to him, telling them about the pain and trouble in Joydeb’s life. After listening attentively, Dileshwar shared the hope found in Jesus. He shared scriptures to comfort the family and then he prayed fervently for Joydeb to be healed.

He left the family’s home that day burdened about their situation and promising that he and his congregation would continue praying for Joydeb and his family.

When Dileshwar returned a few days later to check on Joydeb, he found him feeling a little better. A week later, Joydeb was completely healed! The swelling went down and the young man’s body returned to its normal state. And he was able to breathe again!

The news about Joydeb’s healing spread throughout the village and the miracle astonished everyone. Many people started to express an interest in the Good News.

Joydeb was quick to give God credit for his healing, and soon after his recovery, he and his entire family chose to follow Jesus as their Savior.

That same week, five other families also chose to follow Jesus. These five families, like Joydeb and Lalita, had been staunch followers of their traditional religion. Today they are no longer offering sacrifices to gods as before. Instead, they are worshiping Jesus, who sacrificed His life for them.

Pastor Dileshwar is rejoicing about Joydeb’s healing. He also asks for prayer that Joydeb’s testimony will continue to resonate with the villagers and that it will cause them to examine the claims of Christ.