Gospel for Asia-supported film team missionaries take very good care of their film equipment, but unexpected problems can arise.

Walking for miles between villages where no roads exist is a normal experience for film team missionaries.

From trekking through forests trying to dodge wild animals to dealing with vandalism or malfunctioning generators, each day brings new challenges for Gospel for Asia-supported film team missionaries. Even with the risks and unexpected obstacles, the Lord helps them overcome and witnesses to many coming to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Such was the case for 20 film-team missionaries serving in a northeastern Indian state. After dividing into smaller teams, each group set out to minister to different villages, and each had different obstacles to overcome.

Protected from Danger on All Sides
One team traveled to a village surrounded by a forest famous for its part in one of the state’s sacred religious texts.

The mountain range surrounds the area and every kind of wild animal walks through the roads,” reported a GFA field correspondent.

The missionaries had to trek through the forest and carry all their film equipment on their shoulders, but thankfully, they did not encounter any of the famous wild animals. Once they reached the village, they screened a film on the life of Jesus, and 250 people came to watch. At the end of the movie, many people came forward for prayer.

After this, the film team headed to another village, where 150 people gathered to watch the Jesus film. But during the showing, a group of anti-Christian extremists tried to force the film team to show a secular movie instead. The missionaries prayed for God to intervene, and He did by speaking to the heart of the village leader, who gave them permission to show the movie on the life of Jesus. As a result, many people encountered the love of God for the first time.

A Sabotaged Generator
Another film team went to a village were 200 people assembled to watch the Jesus film. But as the movie went on, some anti-Christian fanatics caused a disturbance by cutting off the generator and pouring sand into it.

The power suddenly went out, and the missionaries tried to mend the broken wire, but they were unable. After they prayed, the Lord miraculously started the generator!

Our missionaries were happy and screened the rest of the Jesus film,” reported a GFA field correspondent. “Later, they found the sand inside the generator. God protected them graciously and helped them share the Good News with the people through the film.”

A Dead Generator
In another village, the generator suddenly stopped working right in the middle of the movie. The missionaries checked to make sure nothing was wrong. Not finding anything that should be causing the malfunction, they called in spiritual reinforcement—and laid hands on the generator to pray. The generator started right up! At the end of that night, 50 people gave their lives to Christ. Another five committed their lives to serving Christ full-time.

No matter the obstacle, these film team missionaries press on and find a way to show the movie that daily changes countless lives.