Raging elephants are a common story in parts of South Asia.

A wild elephant broke through the wall of Danvir Mehra’s house as he and his wife, Sadaf, slept peacefully.

The elephant rolled the couple out of their bed, kicking and stomping their bodies. Just as quickly as it came, the elephant left, vanishing into the nearby jungle and leaving them unconscious—and nearly dead.

Danvir and Sadaf got medical attention and are mending from the severe injuries. They are now able to walk with some assistance.

It wasn’t the first time Danvir and Sadaf had encountered this elephant. A few weeks before, it charged into their home and took a bag of rice. During that encounter, the elephant left them alone.

It just touched them gently and did not attack,” reported a GFA field correspondent.

The elephant also made an appearance near the home of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Daniel Saxena who serves in the Mehras’ village. Although the elephant spared Daniel and his house, it destroyed his new bicycle.

Pray for the Mehras’ complete recovery from the elephant attack.