Many in Asia find hope when missionaries pray with them.

Samir was only in the tenth grade when his life started going downhill. It began with smoking and drinking. He chose friends who made things worse, and he ended up chasing after women and stealing money to sustain his lifestyle of “pleasures.”

It became apparent that Samir’s so-called friends weren’t really friends at all when they cheated him out of some of his money. Samir never listened to his parents’ pleading to turn his life around. To him, it seemed that suicide would be a faster, easier fix—especially when demonic attacks added to his overwhelming problems.

Samir was never successful in his suicide attempts, and his parents took him to many doctors trying to find help. It wasn’t until two Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries came to the village that they found any hope.

Akash and Pranav, the two missionaries, listened to the family’s story of Samir’s difficulties. The two men began fasting and praying for Samir, and on the third day, God set the young man free from the evil spirits.

Samir’s family was amazed! Each family member chose to embrace the Lord who had delivered Samir, a changed young man. Now, the family follows the Lord with gratitude for His redeeming love.