Like in this photo, the Women’s Fellowship in Basanti’s village prayed for her to be delivered from the powers of darkness.

Basanti’s husband had died, but she still saw him from time to time—and that frightened her.

She knew it wasn’t natural for her deceased husband to visit her, and she was right. An evil spirit took on her husband’s form and continually tormented her. Basanti couldn’t sleep at night. She searched for someone to help her get rid of the evil spirit, but no one knew how.

When some members of a Gospel for Asia-supported Women’s Fellowship learned what was happening to Basanti, they went to her house to intercede. They united their hearts and prayed in one accord for the spirit to leave in Jesus’ name and for Basanti to be delivered from the powers of darkness. The Lord did a miracle, and the evil spirit never came back to disturb Basanti again.

Before leaving Basanti’s house, the women shared the Gospel message with her and encouraged her to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Basanti now sleeps peacefully and is grateful to Jesus for His deliverance in her life and for the peace and joy she now experiences.