Pastor Kalla pictured with his family. He faithfully served the Lord for 11 years.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Kalla Emanuel served the Lord for 11 years. Now he is with Him in heaven, where he can begin to see—from an eternal perspective—the fruit of his years of service on earth.

Pastor Kalla worked as a missionary after graduating from Bible college in 1999. He served as pastor of a congregation of 60 believers who had been touched by his ministry.

About a year ago, Pastor Kalla fell ill and doctors told him it was cancer. As it progressed, they sent him to a more specialized hospital. However, the doctors could only give him medicine to make him more comfortable for the short time he had to live. On February 4, he passed away at home.

Pastor Kalla leaves behind his wife, Suganna, one son and two daughters.

Please pray for Pastor Kalla’s family. Suganna and her children need the Lord’s comfort and strength in the days ahead. Please pray as well for provision for all the medical expenses incurred over this past year of treatment.