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"When I was young, I didn't even have a school uniform or books," says Chaitan Om, "so the teachers would beat me." Chaitan sees his new sewing machine from Gospel for Asia as the way for his children to have a better life than he had.
With the sewing machine, his income as a tailor will provide for their school books and uniforms.
Chaitan has always been a farmer. He owns his own land, but the extreme water shortage over several years has reduced his farming income to almost nothing. He does not want his children to toil in the fields.
"I can see, but without education, I am blind," Chaitan said. "If my children get an education, they will have better opportunity and future in the days to come."
Chaitan is a believer and often prayed for the Lord to help him provide for his family. Now, with this gift, he will be able to do so.
Chaitan plans to open a tailoring shop where he hopes for chances to share the Gospel with his customers. "I will show people that God is good," he said. "That is my dream."
date posted 12/04/2009