Bridge of Hope staff, on the right, are visiting and praying with another family, just like other Bridge of Hope staff prayed for Gandharaj.

Gandharaj Madivalar knew he was an alcoholic. He confessed his addiction before the Bridge of Hope staff and asked them to pray for him.

Gandharaj’s struggle had been a long one. His addiction drove his family into dire poverty. He squandered his income—the only household income—on alcohol, leaving his wife and children without daily food. Eventually, Gandharaj’s body revolted against the alcohol, and he began to vomit up blood. He consulted with many doctors and tried various medicines. When he realized none of those were working, he followed the advice of his friends and relatives. He scraped together a few rupees to buy two hens and sacrificed them at the local temple. The priest there warned him not to drink any more alcohol, so Gandharaj promised he would not.

Nevertheless, Gandharaj could not resist the urge to drink. His condition continued to deteriorate, and he started having nightmares. One particular night, he dreamt that the goddess of the temple was chasing him with a sword for not keeping his promise to abstain from alcohol.

The next morning, when Gandharaj shared the dream with his family, his daughter Rati challenged him to call upon Jesus for complete healing. Rati knows Jesus because she is a student at one of Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope centers. Along with her, Gandharaj’s sister-in-law, who works at that same Bridge of Hope center, encouraged him to go there for prayer. Gandharaj’s daughter’s and sister-in-law’s words stayed with him and, becoming more and more restless for healing, he finally went to the center.

Gandharaj told the Bridge of Hope workers his story, and they prayed for him. He said he would join the local fellowship for prayer meetings and Scripture teaching.

Pray for Gandharaj, that he will choose to follow Christ and that Christ will cleanse his body and take away his craving for alcohol.