Mari was left to provide for the family while her husband fed his alcohol addiction.

Mari’s husband didn’t take care of their family. His alcoholism left Mari to do everything herself. For 10 years, she struggled to make sure there was food to eat and a place to call home.

Mari’s neighbors wouldn’t have suspected that her circumstance was exceedingly troubling to her, but on the inside, Mari was upset. In her culture, she wasn’t the one who was supposed to be the head of the house; she wasn’t the one who was supposed to go out and find work. This wasn’t the way life was supposed to be. Nevertheless, Mari kept on working, concealing her struggles inside.

One day, she heard about a film show that Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries were planning for her village. Interested in seeing the movie, Mari finished all her household work early. She gathered her children as evening approached, and they walked to the location of the film show, arriving before anyone else.

She waited patiently, and when more people started to show up, the film team missionaries began a time of worship, singing songs of praise to Jesus and praying for the village. When the movie began, the audience—including Mari—became captivated. She could not take her eyes off the screen. She watched Jesus closely, amazed to see the love and compassion He had for people.

Once the film ended, Mari was first in line to talk to the missionaries. All her struggles and inward anguish spilled out. The film team wasted no time in praying for her and her family, and as the days wore on, they kept praying.

When her husband abruptly stopped drinking and began taking responsibility for his family, Mari knew Jesus had done a miracle. She committed her life to Christ, and soon, the rest of her family came to know of God’s great power and love.

Now Mari is happy inside and out, and her family is a glowing example of Christ’s mercy and compassion in their village.