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South Asia is home to 578 million people who don't get enough to eat. South Asia's hungry number more than the entire population of North America.
Children suffer greatly when there's not enough to eat. In Nepal alone, 50 percent of preschool children are chronically malnourished. This lack of adequate nutrition causes health problems and prevents these precious children from normal development.
Several Gospel for Asia-supported workers decided to bring the issue of hunger to the forefront on World Food Day last October. This Women's Fellowship group prepared food packets to distribute to children who live in a slum area in Delhi, India's capital city.
The children in the slum were eager to see what the women brought for them.
The women also knew that the hungry children did not have proper clothes to wear, either. So they brought them some new clothes, too.
The kids were happy to pose for a photo in their new clothes, holding the bags of food they received.
In a suburb of Delhi, another Women's Fellowship group distributed food packets to the destitute. This woman gave a meal to a homeless beggar. Rarely do this society's outcasts experience such demonstrations of love.
The group also visited a settlement where people with leprosy are forced to live. The leprosy patients are totally cut off from society and were so appreciative of the kind gesture.
Several hundred people were blessed with a meal that day. And as a result of these women showing the love of Jesus, many people are now attending a local fellowship and hearing about the Savior who loves them.
date posted 02/14/2011