Manu Rangarajan, pictured here with his family, leads a growing fellowship of believers, some of whom joined him in sharing God’s love through a flood-relief service project.

Recent flooding in Sri Lanka destroyed crops and homes, leaving many people without food or shelter.

In the midst of destructive flooding that soaked Sri Lanka during the past few months, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Manu Rangarajan and members of his congregation encouraged flood victims in a badly affected area of the country, distributing food packets and cleaning homes.

These believers traveled more than 150 miles to a Gospel for Asia-supported church in this region and gave out 85 food packets. The packets contained foods common to Sri Lankan households, like rice, lentil beans, sugar, soya meat (textured vegetable protein) and coconut. The packets also included soap.

Taking the opportunity to shine Jesus’ light to those who don’t know Him, the relief team also cleaned the mud and debris out of flood-soaked houses. Pastor Manu requests prayers that God will continue to restore and bless the flood-affected areas and that the people there will choose to follow Jesus.