It is not uncommon for a demon to manifest itself through an individual during a film showing.

When Pathik Sharma showed a movie about Jesus to a people staunchly devoted to ancestor worship, Bishakha Gupta came to watch—and so did the demon that possessed her body.

As the movie ended, Bishakha’s breathing became erratic. Her parents noticed her distress and decided to take her to a doctor the next day. But Pathik, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, asked if he could pray for the young girl instead.

When Pathik stepped toward Bishakha, the girl pushed him away and would not let the missionary touch her. She became violent. The people around her held her hands and feet so Pathik could pray.

He placed his Bible on the shrieking woman’s head and commanded the evil spirit to come out of her. He prayed and asked Jesus to intervene. The demon left her—but not for long.

After everyone had gone home and Bishakha’s family was all sound asleep, the evil spirit returned and began tormenting Bishakha once again. Roused from sleep by the noise, Bishakha’s parents called Pathik and told him what was happening. Pathik immediately made his way to Bishakha’s home and prayed once more for her deliverance and God’s healing hands to be upon the girl.

As Pathik prayed, a deep, hoarse voice came from Bishakha saying, “This time I am going to leave the girl for sure.” Immediately, Bishakha calmed down and fell into a deep sleep.

Bishakha’s parents and the crowd that had gathered at her house saw the miracle and marveled. Pathik took the opportunity to challenge the girl’s family to trust Christ and commit their lives to Him. Although they can’t deny God’s saving grace, Bishakha’s family is hesitant to openly receive the Lord due to the opposition that will inevitably follow from their fellow villagers. They are scared to trust Christ, even after encountering a demon in the darkness.

Prayer is requested for Bishakha and her family, that they will cast aside any fear of man and truly surrender their lives to Christ.