These Gospel for Asia-supported workers are headed out to help flood victims. Teams have been dispatched to dozens of flooded villages and towns throughout India during the past few months.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries in Maharashtra, India report that homes are underwater and roads are unusable due to massive flooding in the state.

Heavy rains pushed two rivers over their banks causing the flooding, according to local news reports. More than 1,7000 farmers suffered crop losses as a result of the floods.

In another part of the state, officials were forced to release water from several dams, causing flooding in surrounding villages.

Many of those affected by the floods are members of churches where Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries serve as pastors. Several missionaries suffered flood damage in their own homes.

Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams are on the ground providing emergency aid and spiritual encouragement to the suffering. Once the flood water recedes, they will start helping the people rebuild their homes. They will also help them re-establish their lives by supplying everything from kitchen utensils and linens for their homes to livestock that were killed in the flood.

Right now the people need prayer for protection from sickness that can come from the contaminated water. The Compassion Services team members need prayers for supernatural strength to withstand the grueling schedules that come with caring for the hurting in the aftermath of the flood.