This field is completely underwater and the crops planted there are ruined. The people in Sri Lanka will need ongoing help to recover from the devastating floods they’ve endured the past year.

This couple is leaving their flooded home in search of some food to feed their family.

More than 96,000 families are dealing with the after-effects of flooding in Sri Lanka. This is the third wave of serious flooding to hit the country during the past six months.

The latest round of flooding rushed through the town of Batticaloa the first week of January. Local emergency management officials reported that the floods destroyed 635 homes and damaged another 2,498 as the deluge swept through the area on January 4.

The floods have displaced a total of 362,900 people, including 200 who are members of churches where Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries serve as pastors.

The rain continues to fall, and there are few places to set up relief camps. Most of the schools are closed because they are underwater.

Health problems caused by the polluted water are beginning to arise.

Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams are beginning their work in the affected areas, but it is difficult, as the floodwaters still block roads and prevent people from accessing their homes. Once the immediate needs for food, shelter and clean clothing are met, the teams will concentrate on repairing and rebuilding homes—and helping the people get their lives back to normal.

They ask that you pray for the people whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the floods.

Pray also that the Compassion Services teams will have stamina to continue ministering to those who have lost everything.

Also pray the people will soften their hearts toward the message of God’s love during this difficult time in their lives.