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Lekha is cooking the first hearty meal for her family in two months. She was forced to ration their remaining food after floods ravaged her village in January 2011.
The unrelenting rain and flood waters partially destroyed her home. Her husband had to move to another area to find work, and Lekha cannot repair the house by herself.
As a day laborer, her husband couldn't earn a living in their village anymore because the floodwaters covered the fields. The floods left multiple villages damaged, destroying many people's livelihoods.
As soon as the floodwaters hit, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams got to work assembling emergency grocery packages for survivors and handing them out.
There were so many people affected by the floods that even two months later, GFA teams were still finding people barely hanging on.
Most lost everything. These were the people GFA teams sought out.
GFA distributed truckloads of relief items along with the message of hope for the future in Jesus.
Lekha is so thankful for this help for her family in this tragic time.
GFA Compassion Services teams are committed to bringing more aid with the message of Christ's love as long as the survivors need help rebuilding their lives.
date posted 06/14/2011

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