Avani was known throughout her village in Jharkhand, India, as the local witch doctor, under the control of spirits who were said to increase her knowledge and insight. Yet she had no peace or joy in her life. Avani was tormented constantly by these evil spirits, who would cause her to behave violently or like an insane person, and force her to go into the deep forest near her home.

Avani wanted to be delivered; but the more she strived, the more they would attack her. Then a Christian encouraged her to go to a church planted by Gospel for Asia missionary Kartar.

Drawn to the worship, Avani began to regularly attend church. And when Pastor Kartar and the believers prayed for her, trusting the Lord to heal her from the power of the evil spirits, God answered in a powerful way.

Avani was completely transformed. Her husband and children were astounded at the change in her life, and they too began to attend the church.

But as time passed, some villagers opposed Avani’s newfound faith and demanded that she and her family return to their former lifestyle. After much pressure and manipulation, Avani’s family members gave in.

But Avani stood firm and refused to recant. Then she faced even more pressure when her husband gave her a choice: leave her new beliefs, or leave the house.

“I can leave home,” she responded, “but I can’t leave my Lord who saved me.”

Enraged, Avani’s husband forced her out. She found refuge in the home of a nearby Christian family, where she now lives.

Forsaken by her family yet embraced by the Lord, Avani has remained true to her faith. Pray that the Lord would bring the villagers who opposed Avani to His saving knowledge, and that He will bring Avani and her family back together in unity under Christ.