Reshma’s deliverance from demon possession stirred curiosity about Jesus among the villagers in her community.

Reshma’s change in appearance and demeanor caused her parents to panic. When she was just a young girl, an evil spirit possessed Reshma. As she grew older, the spirit never left but continued to torment her and wreak havoc in her life.

Whenever the spirit attacked, Reshma would fall unconscious and remain unaware of her actions. She oftentimes became hostile and would pound her fists on the floor and walls.

Her demonic possession also affected her marriage. She wasn’t able to properly care for her husband, Dajiak, and their children.

Her husband and parents sought treatment for her condition, unaware it was demonic. They took her to temples and pilgrimages, but nothing brought deliverance. Because of this, her parents disowned her, and Dajiak began to live in frustration.

One day, as Dajiak was out walking, he ran into one of Reshma’s friends, Malila, and shared with her the struggle his wife was having. A believer in Christ, Malila hurried to find her dear friend and share the Gospel with her. As she was speaking about Jesus, Malila realized her friend was a victim of demonic possession. She prayed fervently for Reshma’s freedom from the grip of Satan in Jesus’ name. Two days later, Reshma’s behavior turned to normal and she was freed from the evil spirits that had kept her captive since her childhood.

Now she is a completely different person. Dajiak and their childen are grateful to God for delivering her. They now attend a church where a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary serves.

Reshma’s healing piqued the interest and curiosity of her fellow villagers who now want to know more about Jesus—the God of miracles.