GFA Literacy Program Receives Community Recognition, Support

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Womens Literacy: GFA Literacy Program Receives Community Recognition, Support

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On September 23, government officials in Bihar, India, joined Gospel for Asia leaders in a special ceremony to formally launch GFA's literacy program. It was also the official release date of Ek Navi Pahal (A New Beginning), an adult literacy book produced by GFA Women's Fellowship. One official called the literacy program a breakthrough for marginalized groups such as the Dalits ("Untouchables"). He also pointed out that even though other people despise and reject the Dalits, the Christians embrace them as brothers and sisters, giving them dignity in society.

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So women volunteered to teach literacy classes to other women. The program expanded into several states and two countries, so a standardized curriculum was developed.

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Learning to read together strengthened these women, many of them first-generation believers, in their Christian faith as well as in their bonds of love for one another. The love they share in Jesus has spilled outside the church, drawing more women into the classes and the arms of God.

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The program's official launch came just a few days after many believers joined in celebrating International Literacy Day.

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Bridge of Hope children marched in the rally, too. Some of their mothers are learning to read as part of the GFA literacy initiatives.

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GFA's Literacy Day celebration in Delhi drew lots of attention. GFA–supported workers started with a rally, carrying signs with slogans like "We will only eat half a roti (flat bread), but we will send our children to school." Bible college students participated in a skit about an illiterate doctor who ends up losing a patient.

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A GFA leader gave a sneak preview of the new literacy book to this community near Delhi. He assured the villagers that the student body and Women's Fellowship team would visit them daily to teach them from the book.

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Imagine the joy of these women who are reading God's Word for the first time in their lives.

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Their joy is contagious and many in their communities are seeing how learning to read is opening their eyes. Donate to Women's Literacy Programs—You can help provide literacy training and a community of hope for precious women in Asia.

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first published: January 2010 – Gospel for Asia

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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