The publication of the new books was celebrated at this ceremony.

People in Nepal had an occasion to celebrate recently over the release of two new Christian books. A person formerly involved in the country’s education system spoke during the ceremony in November. He shared the desperate need for more Nepali Christian books to minister to the people—and hailed literature as one of the most effective tools in spreading the Gospel. Another man, a well-known Nepali Christian author, affirmed the need and expressed his deep gratitude for Gospel for Asia’s role in publishing materials to help fill that gap.

The two books released during the ceremony were written by a 65-year-old widow whose previous writings have inspired many Nepali women to commit their lives to Jesus. These specific titles—Turahi (meaning “Trumpet”) and Audhuro Sapna (meaning “Half-Way Dream”)—include various selections about topics such as evangelism and reaching the lost.

Turahi (means “Trumpet”)

Gospel for Asia has published 92 Nepali titles to date. The ministry remains committed to publishing Nepali literature for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship and church growth. Another 21 books, including reference materials, are being prepared for publishing.

In a nation that continues to experience political unrest, such materials have ministered to the hearts of many.

GFA leaders would appreciate prayer that the literature being published for the Nepali people will continue to touch lives. Pray that it will be used to draw people closer to the One in whom they can find comfort in the midst of uncertain times.

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