The Return

November 2016

Daania walked along dusty roads. The intensity and responsibility of her job weighed on her mind. She wanted something else, something that would help her grow in the Lord. She stopped in front of the Bridge of Hope center, waiting to pick up her younger sister.

She remembered her former days as a student there and the love and concern of her teachers. Suddenly a thought swept through her mind: Maybe she could return? Daania laughed. It didn’t seem possible.

November 2016

The Return

Bridge of Hope Changed Her Life

When Daania was in sixth grade, her Christian parents enrolled her in Bridge of Hope, where she received a quality education and grew in her knowledge of Jesus. It changed Daania’s life.

“If I had not come to the Bridge of Hope as a student from my childhood, my life would have gone in a totally different direction,” Daania shares. “I would have never known the Lord Jesus personally and deeply as I know [Him] today.”

Through the years of love, encouragement and prayers of her teachers, Daania excelled in her studies, and an internal transformation took place. She learned valuable moral lessons, like how to honor her parents and the people around her, how to share her things with friends in need, and how to refrain from quarrelling.

Her Bridge of Hope teachers also encouraged her growth in the Lord and admonished her when needed—like the time Daania began memorizing Scripture for the sake of competing with other children.

“Daania, you are memorizing Bible verses for competition sake,” Daania remembers one teacher telling her. “You are not memorizing it for knowing the meaning of what is written in the Bible verse. Don’t do it just for simply memorizing, but try to understand what you read or memorize.”

From then on, Daania took the time to think upon and ask questions about the Scriptures she read, and she matured in her spiritual walk.

Throughout her years at the center, Daania learned to dream big and pursue those dreams. She was the top student in her school, and when she graduated, her scores made it possible for her to receive a government scholarship granted to poor students. She used that to enroll in a polytechnic engineering college.

The Bridge of Hope students she had studied with looked upon her with admiration.

“Didi,” they told her, using the affectionate term for “elder sister” in their culture, “if you do it, surely we will also do it.”

The Return
The Return

Whenever she struggled with her studies, her former Bridge of Hope teachers were there to help her.

Life appeared to be going well for Daania, but during her third year in college, her dreams began to crumble.

A Twist in the Road

The college campus where Daania took her classes was closing down. To continue her studies, she’d have to move to the nearest campus and re-enroll, but that would cost more than her family could afford. Unable to pay for the admission fee, living expenses and travel fees, Daania was forced to give up her dream of becoming an engineer.

Though she cried many tears, Daania clung to Jesus and didn’t waver in trusting Him. She soon found work at a newspaper company. She excelled in her job as a marketing specialist and was promoted, but the stress and demand of the job was taxing—and she felt her walk with the Lord weakening.

“Although I was reading the Bible at home and praying, I felt that my spiritual life was decreasing day by day because of the intense work and responsibility in this company,” she says. “I felt that I should quit this job and do something that will help me grow and maintain my spiritual walk with the Lord.”

So Daania gave up her job and all her success to pursue the Lord’s will for her life.

A Desire Met

Then God reminded Dannia of the day she waited for her younger sister in front of the Bridge of Hope center and the sudden desire she had to return.

“There was always a longing and desire in me that I would become part of [Bridge of Hope] again,” Daania says. “If possible, I would teach the children who are from poor families, who have lots of financial and emotional limitations, who struggle [in their] day-to-day life.”

The Return

Daania applied for a staff position at the same Bridge of Hope center she had attended as a child and was accepted on staff as a part-time tutor. Because she knows firsthand what it’s like to be a student coming from a poor background, she is able to offer each child the same love and care she flourished under while at the center.

Although Daania had to forgo her dream, God saw a greater dream for His daughter, and now this young woman is able to help other children pursue God’s dreams for them.

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