What My Faith Had Seen All Along

Hope, GFA staff member, shares about her experience visiting the mission field—the place she had dreamed to go to since she was a young girl.

My 12-year-old heart felt it. It was real, yet so distant and vast. I was swept away by the incredible love God held for precious people in Asia, and I was heartbroken. There was nothing else I could do but kneel on my bedroom floor and weep and pray for those who didn't know the love I knew.

What My Faith Had Seen All Along

Eight years have since passed, and there I was sitting in a huge plane. My heart pounded softly. I sensed my faith strengthening. I was finally going to the land and the people that had broken my heart years ago, to the place where I knew the other half of my heart belonged. God really had heard my prayers.

When we landed, everything was new and exciting. But deep inside something seemed so familiar. I felt I had been there before.

A few days later I found myself in the middle of a slum surrounded by little children who shook my hands and looked up at me with huge smiles on their faces. I had never met them, but somehow I knew their faces.

I walked the trash-laden alley that brought me to a Bridge of Hope center. I saw the clean children gathered around, learning to hope and dream, and I felt I had been there. I prayed with little girls who once were homeless and living on the streets, and as we prayed, I felt I had held those hands before.

I thought to myself: Could it be? Could my life truly have such meaning? I flew to the other side of the globe and found the other side of my heart. A land I have been burdened for, a nation I have long desired to touch. I stepped foot upon this soil only to realize my prayers had already been here. They reached the places my feet hadn't yet. Those prayers, those tears, yes, the Lord heard them all and answered.

What My Faith Had Seen All Along

While there, I talked with a young woman around my age who was about to graduate Bible college. I had seen so much during those weeks. I had seen how my pale skin and blue eyes miserably stood out among the masses of precious people. So I thanked her for doing what I knew I couldn't.

I flew to the other side of the globe and found the other side of my heart ... I stepped foot upon this soil only to realize my prayers had already been here.

At that moment the revelation hit me. The deep burden inside me that I carried since I was so young was being fulfilled through my sister in Christ. She could wipe the tears of widows and children I longed to. She could be the one to carry the love we both knew in Jesus. With tears in my eyes, I managed to scratch out the simple words that were bursting in my heart: "I am so privileged to stand behind you and with you."

Now my feet have returned home and are touching the American soil once more. My eyes have finally seen what my faith had seen all along through those years of prayer. Now I know my prayers visited the people and places I was heartbroken over long before I ever could.

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