Abhinav became the first believer in his family after the Lord saved him from demon possession.

Anyone who saw Abhinav could plainly see he was in pain. The physical agony was only part of the problem; he was also in despair mentally, thinking he would never find relief. Although his parents had tried everything, they couldn’t find a cure. The root cause of this young boy’s pain was an evil spirit, trapping Abhinav inside his own body by taking control and forcing him to harm himself.

Day after day, as the evil spirit continued ravaging Abhinav, his parents worried and spent more of their meager earnings seeking a cure. They were desperate, but—it seemed—not desperate enough to listen to the messenger that came to their door.

Ghulam Raj, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, began visiting Abhinav’s family and sharing the Good News. No one paid attention to him, however, until one day when Abhinav decided to talk more to Pastor Ghulam about what was really going on with his “sickness.”

Pastor Ghulam ached with compassion as he saw all that Abhinav was going through at such a young age. He told Abhinav Bible stories about Jesus’ power to heal, and he encouraged the boy to put his trust in the Lord.

As he listened to the stories, Abhinav believed and decided to follow the Lord. Through continued prayer, God delivered Abhinav from the demonic afflictions and completely healed him. Abhinav found his life completely changed, and he was full of new joy.

Although the transformation in their son was drastic, Abhinav’s parents refused to acknowledge the power of God. Abhinav requests prayer that his parents will soon see the truth and come to know the Lord’s love.